Jellied Eels at George Smith Shellfish, Birmingham

One of my favourite places in town is the covered market.  There are a couple of stands inside where you can eat jellied eels and other freshly prepped seafood.  This time, I went to George Smith Shellfish and it was fantastic.  Better than any I had in London and a proper-hot chilli vinegar to go with it.  And, the proprieters were lovely folks.  This is my favourite place in one of my favourite places, now.


Author: Drunken Bunny

I run slow enough to take in the sights and to keep down the copious quantities of beer I imbibe whilst running. Mass spectrometry pays the bills and keeps me entertained and somewhat relevant. First year here was in Stretham (near Ely) whilst working at University of Cambridge, then a year in Bicester after starting at University of Oxford. Since then, we spent 5 years in Swindon, nearly 3 in NW London. Late in 2018, I left Oxford University (and the 14th Century) for Birmingham (the University of and the City).

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