So we beat on…

Update 05 May 2018:  DrunkenBunny is now down to 169 MB remaining and sits at 2126 pubs. 

Update 06 March 2018:  This blog will commence, properly, as soon as the space allocation of its predecessor drops below 2.8 megabytes (the capacity of a high density 3½” floppy disk).  The current allocation is down to 323 MB.  Until then, here is the caretaker post:


It has happened, again (or, shall have by the time this post is followed up).  I have run out of my allocated storage for “The Endless British Pub Crawl Continues” just as I had with the original “Endless British Pub Crawl.”  Here are the relevant stats for each:

Endless British Pub Crawl

Start date: 19 January 2009 (covering from our UK arrival on 14 Jan 2009)
End date: 5 January 2015 … two weeks short of 6 years
Pubs #11292
Work:  Cambridge and Oxford

Streatham, Ely, Cambridgeshire
Bicester, Oxfordshire
Swindon, Wiltshire:  Ferndale Road, Western Street, and Avenue Road

Endless British Pub Crawl Continues

Start date: 5 January 2015
End date: still going as of this edit
Pubs #1293 – 2135 (still going)
Work: Oxford

Swindon, Wiltshire (Avenue Road, only)
Ruislip, Middlesex, Borough of Hillingdon, London

Endless British Pub Crawl 3 (this blog)

Start date: as soon as EBPCCont finishes
End date: hard to say before it even starts
Plans: Just to change things up a little, maybe it’s time to include some running and pubbing.  And, things that make me laugh.